Create Affirmations that Work!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. My aim is to empower you to live with clarity, focus, ease, and grace by guiding you to create affirmations that genuinely resonate with you. When you create these affirmations, you’ll feel their creative energy because they reflect who you really are.

We’re going to lay to rest all of the difficulty surrounding the creation of affirmations. Would it indeed be alright with you if life got easier? It’s a question that I’ve asked thousands of people over the years. You might think the answer is an immediate “yes,” however, there’s often a pause as if having more ease in life is somehow “cheating” because success is supposed to be a hardened effort over time. 

Let’s dive into the process of creating affirmations that work. First, we’ll gain a clear understanding of what an affirmation is. Then, we’ll explore its purpose, which is to bring depth, meaning, and direction to your life. This understanding can bring you a sense of relief, knowing that affirmations are not just random statements but powerful tools for personal growth.  Finally, I’ll show you how to create affirmations that work because they tell the truth about who you are and what you want out of life.                       

What is an affirmation?

This definition comes from “An affirmation is a statement or proposition that is declared to be the truth.”

When you state it, it’s like saying that grass is green and the sky is blue. When you declare it, there’s no “internal pushback.” When I mention ‘internal pushback,’ I’m referring to that moment of doubt or resistance that you might feel when you say something that you want to be true. It’s that voice in your head that questions what you’re saying, making you think you need to repeat the affirmation multiple times to convince yourself.

Before we go further, if you’ve read any of my past articles, you may remember me writing about the fact that you are not your brain. You have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a brain. It’s an organ. Who you are is that entity that has the power to change your brain

The ability to change your brain is not a new concept. It’s about forming new synaptic connections in your brain through repeated thoughts and actions.  This process, often referred to as neuroplasticity, allows you to rewire your brain and change your thought patterns and behaviors.  

Regarding this premise that you are not your brain, let’s get back to the ways affirmations have often been used to try to “convince” or rewire your brain to see that they are true. What if you were to discover a form of affirmation that you don’t have to repeat over and over again because your brain already sees it as the truth? Wouldn’t that bring more ease to the situation?

The Purpose of an Affirmation

The purpose of an affirmation is to remind you about what’s essential about you. True affirmations help guide you to live a fulfilling life. They exist inside of you and create a pathway for you to follow in order to make sure you achieve what you’re meant to do.

Imagine you’re struggling with a project or goal, feeling frustrated, discouraged, or pressured. In moments like these, stepping away and focusing on a personalized affirmation can be transformative. An affirmation is a positive, truth-reflecting statement about you. By focusing on such a statement, you can find immediate relief and empowerment, reigniting your energy and sparking gratitude. 

Later in this article, I’ll guide you on how to use affirmations to navigate through such challenges effectively. For now, understand that recognizing and embracing what’s true about you is a decisive first step in determining your following actions.

Let’s say you’re having a difficult time with a project, task, or something else you want to accomplish. You feel frustrated, discouraged, or pressured to come up with a way to do or create something. You step away from what you’re doing and focus your brain on an affirmation you’ve created. It’s clear and reflects the truth of who you are. In that moment, you feel relief as well as a sense of empowerment. Your energy begins to flow. You might even experience a moment of gratitude. Later in this article, I’ll show you how to use your affirmations to see what to do next to handle the situation. However, for the moment, it’s enough for you to see that focusing on the truth about who you are will help you craft what to do next.

How to Create Affirmations that Work

By now, you’re probably interested in seeing how to create affirmations that will stay with you, reminding you about who you are and pointing the way toward success. There are numerous strategies for designing them. Here’s how to do it so that your brain actually recognizes the truth of who you are.

I’m going to ask you to fill out a Life’s Intentions Inventory so that you can uncover the life purposes that are important to you. This inventory represents work done with thousands of people over the past forty years. In the beginning, before the inventory was developed, I would ask people participating in seminars with me what they wanted to be known for during their lifetime.  It was a way for each one to see what mattered most to them in life.  We’d start with a visualization process in which they’d be eavesdropping on friends who were planning a tribute for them at a surprise birthday party. I asked, “What would you want your friends and loved ones to say about you?” After some nervous laughter, people would come up with certain qualities that reflected not so much what they did as who they were.

As we would talk about these ways of being, the room would get lighter, and everyone would relax and begin to smile. That’s when it dawned on me that our Life’s Intentions are a way to look directly into the heart of who we really are. Just talking about these qualities gives us a sense that all is well.  I began to call them Life’s Intentions. This is because an intention is a direction, aim, or purpose. The more we talked about them, the more we could see that these qualities gave a sense of meaning and purpose around which we could organize our lives.

Your Life’s Intentions are the purposes you have come here to live from. They are intrinsic to who you are. You may, therefore, use them to construct your affirmations, the blueprints for action that guarantee your life’s fulfillment. They belong to you, no matter what you may think or feel about yourself at any given moment. For these reasons, you don’t have to worry about them in any way. All that’s necessary is for you to look for ways to demonstrate them in your life.

In order to create affirmations, you’ll need to go here to pick Life’s Intentions that score “5” (the highest score) for you. You can download and print the inventory, or read it online and write down your responses.

You will be drawn to some Life’s Intentions and not to others. This is as it should be. Everyone has a number of them, and many remain relatively constant over time. When you take the Life’s Intentions Inventory, you’ll become absolutely clear about what is important to you. You will gain the structure and focus needed to create Affirmations that Work!

Give yourself a moment to take a deep breath before you start. As you focus on your most crucial Life’s Intentions, you begin to reorient yourself to fundamental values and desires that transcend your everyday thoughts and feelings.

Once you take the inventory, go back over it and choose three that scored “5” for you. If you have two that scored “5,” then pick one that scored “4.” You’ll be left with three statements that may sound like “to be physically fit and healthy” or “to be a successful entrepreneur.” Get a 3X5 card and print the three Life’s Intentions while leaving a little room before each statement.

The Most Crucial Part in Creating Your Affirmations that Work!

Congratulate yourself! You’ve already done a significant part of creating your affirmations that will work for you no matter what. Now,  you will have a card with three Life’s Intentions. It looks something like this:

                    …to be a successful entrepreneur

                    … physically fit and healthy

                    …to be an effective coach

In order to make these three Life’s Intentions into affirmations that work, we must add your most potent ability: your capacity to Be Willing.

  • You can be willing to do something that you don’t know how to do. 
  • You can be willing to do something you think you can’t do. 
  • You can also be willing to do something you don’t want to do. 

What does this mean? Being willing is about saying “Yes” to your life. Swedish diplomat Dag Hammarskjöld captured this well. He said, “For everything that has been, I say ‘thank you’, and to all that will be, I say ‘yes’.”

“I am willing” is the most potent statement you can ever make. It signifies that right here and right now you are ready to go ahead with your life without being forced. You are voluntarily participating, no longer being dragged onto your life’s path, leaving heel marks in the dirt.

Put “I am willing” in front of the three Life’s Intentions you chose, and you have created affirmations that work! It looks like this:

  •  I am willing to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • I am willing to be physically fit and healthy.
  • I am willing to be an effective coach.

Put these three affirmations together on that 3X5 card and look at them throughout the day.  You’ll find that the “pushback” has dissolved like snowflakes in the sun. This viewing point allows your brain to begin finding the means to achieve your affirmations in your life. That’s all there is to it! 

For an enhanced experience of your affirmations at work, whenever you need to decide on health, business, or your personal life, ask yourself the following: What would someone willing to be (pick one of the affirmations) do in this situation? Then, listen! You just might come up with an answer you hadn’t thought of before.

As always, thank you for being here! I look forward to the next time!

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