Your presence is the present

Your Presence is The Present

Your presence is the present that matters more than anything that money can buy. Dr. Maria Nemeth tells us how letting people know they make a difference in our lives is giving them a present that they will remember and cherish.

I’m thrilled to write about this subject in this first edition of my newsletter. The holiday season is filled with opportunities to use the energy of money. Whether we’re buying special gifts for loved ones, getting the perfect outdoor lights for this year’s display, or planning for that small holiday party, we have multiple occasions on which to spend this precious energy.

But there may be a present—a gift— that’s far more precious, more memorable, and meaningful for all of us. And it doesn’t necessarily cost money. It’s our presence during this time that creates moments we remember when we think about this year’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa.

I’ve interviewed people about what they remember that warmed their hearts. With the exception of the young children with whom I spoke, It almost never had anything to do with the presents people received. They almost always reflected that it was the time spent with friends and family that made the memorable moments. Even if that time included a Zoom call.

I once asked an 11-year-old boy what he loved most about Christmas. He said it was the time his family spent at the local food locker, serving Christmas dinner to unhoused families. He loved smiling as he served the meal, and how the folks smiled back at him and thanked him for being there.

So this year, in addition to what you’ve already done to prepare for the holidays, what would it be like for you to intentionally contact the people you love to let them know how much they mean to you? Even friends you haven’t seen for a long time—at least since the pandemic began— imagine how they’d feel hearing from you! When you do it, you’ll be giving them a present in the form of a memory to cherish. I promise.

If you want to take this to heart, take a piece of paper right and a pen right now! Make a list of the people you’d like to recognize for how they’ve contributed to your life over the years. You could reach them on Zoom for a brief chat.

Or you could write a short note about how important they are to you. Be specific. Then send the note!

At a family gathering, create a moment to toast those around you. Let them know how much it means to you to have them at this gathering.

When you go out of your way to acknowledge people, you are giving them the gift of knowing that they make a difference in your life. In that moment, your presence is the present they’ll remember.

Remember: in all of these cases, you are giving them a gift—a present— that will last. Your presence is that present! And, you are letting them know that their presence is a present for you as well!

Please let me know if you decided to do anything and the difference that it made in your experience of the holiday season!


Holiday Money Madness

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