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You & Financial Success: Part Two

Question: Are you willing to be financially successful?

This takes us further down the path toward financial success until we see that the path, itself, is what being financially successful is all about.


In my last newsletter, we began to look at the essential nature of true financial success. First, we saw that being successful, in general, is doing what you said you would do consistently, with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

Then we applied that definition to being financially successful and saw the following:

Being financially successful is doing what you said you would do consistently, with money, with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

We looked at the principle of Clarity last time.

Now we’ll look at Focus.

Focus is your capacity to direct your energy specifically toward your goals and dreams by putting your energy exactly where it will produce exactly what you wish for.

Haven’t you noticed how difficult it can often be to “tune out” distractions? This simple task isn’t always as easy as it sounds. We have more information and choices directed toward us now than ever before. I know this can date me, but I remember when we had maybe five, at the most 10, choices for mustard. I counted 70 when I visited the supermarket last week, and there are probably more than that.

Now when it comes to focus, let’s look at a principle that science has shown to be true. It’s a principle that has been around for thousands of years,  probably first practiced by the rishis of India. It’s this:

Whatever you focus upon will create your experience of reality.

Brain science points to this phenomenon as well. Put in more practical terms: your brain will give you evidence for whatever you focus upon. This evidence is what creates your experience.

Look at it this way. But do it only for no more than 10 seconds!! Focus upon what’s not working in your relationship with money. You might get a pen and piece of paper, and jot down everything that comes to mind as you focus your attention on it. How are you feeling right now? Happy? Excited? Hopeful? Energized. Absolutely not!

OK. That’s enough! Now focus upon what is currently working for you in your relationship with money. However small it is… write down all your evidence for what works. How do you feel right now? Write down the words.

Let’s get more practical now. Do you have a small goal that will take money to accomplish? Not a big one. Something sweet. Something that you are clear has meaning for you (remember Clarity?).

How about a vacation savings account? Or a fund that you can build in order to contribute money to a cause you consider to be important? This may seem insignificant right now, but I’m asking you to look at something simple. Something that will help illustrate the principle of focus.

Each day, for the next 7 days, I suggest you try this experiment:

On a piece of paper, write the following: “I am willing to be financially successful.” Then write specifically what your small, sweet money goal is. Make sure you write or print this manually, not via your laptop and printer.

Then, use your printer to make 5 copies and place them where you can see them all day. Near your laptop. On the refrigerator. On your bathroom mirror. The point is to purposely direct your brain to look at this goal numerous times during the day.

Note what’s happening. Are you finding ways to reach this goal? How do you feel when you see what you’ve written?

Let me know! I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you all my best,

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