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Make it Easy to Get Things Done: Find Your Living Spirit in Visionary Reality!

All means prove but a blunt instrument if they have not behind them a living spirit. But if the longing for the achievement of the goal is powerfully alive within us, then we shall not lack the strength to find the means for reaching the goal and translating it into deeds.

— Albert Einstein

Hello again, and welcome to the second part of our journey onto the Playing Field of life! I appreciate the time you spend reading this. I hope to give you some tools that you can use to bring ease to this “Transformational Trek” that we all experience every time we venture forth to create something in Physical Reality.

In the previous article, we dove into the inevitable difficulties that greet us whenever we bring our idea, vision, or dream into Physical Reality. We saw that everyone lives in two realities at once, Physical Reality and Visionary reality, and that the true joy in life occurs when our dream finally emerges into Physical Reality where we can see it, read it, point to it, or experience it out in the open.

Regarding Physical Reality, we looked at the three rules of engagement that govern how things naturally get done or are blocked from getting done.

The three rules are these:

  • Energy: whatever we want to do takes money, time, physical vitality, creativity, enjoyment, and support.
  • Change: everything in Physical Reality is constantly changing. For example, take the weather, the stock market, and some of the conditions that were present when you first took action toward a goal. 
  • Unpredictability: Let’s say you planned for changing conditions. Suddenly, the interest on your line of credit goes up, and you didn’t “see it coming.” Or, there’s that vacation in Hawaii where you and your family would enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and hiking. Then, without planning, an unexpected tropical storm hits the island, and you’re relegated to the hotel room for two of the seven days you’d hope to spend at the beach.

We saw that hurdles and obstacles will naturally accompany any effort on our part to create something from the beginning. These impediments call upon us to learn new skills, increasing our ability to grow and thrive. 

This article examines how to attain what we want with minimal struggle, effort, and frustration. To do so, we look at the principles of Visionary Reality.

Visionary Reality

The rules of engagement for Visionary Reality are much different than for Physical Reality. In Visionary Reality, we have our ideas and dreams, the things we love. And being in Visionary Reality, we naturally feel this sense of great energy. I mean, think about it. Have you ever had an idea so compelling that you felt this great energy rush? 

Over the years, I’ve coached people who say, “Dr. Maria, the things that mean the most to me are my ideas and dreams. I wish I could just get paid to be an Idea Person!”

“Of course,” I say to them. “That’s good. But you know, you and I are human beings. We are mandated to put whatever is in this Visionary Reality into Physical Reality.”

So, whereas in physical reality, it takes a lot of energy to do what you’re doing (remember the six forms of energy), in Visionary Reality, it doesn’t take any energy!

Test this out: it won’t take much time. After reading this paragraph, close your eyes and think of one place you’d love to visit. Is it at the beach? The mountains? A specific country? Doing something with friends?  Whatever it is, make it as vivid as possible. Get a sense of what it feels like to be in that place. Hold that picture while you take three easy breaths. Then open your eyes.

Did you see it in your mind’s eye? What did it feel like to be at that place? How did you feel inside? Was there some sweet energy around your heart?

I imagine it was fun because we love to dance with our dreams. We love to shake hands with our vision and walk with it.

However, we must take what’s in Visionary Reality and put it into Physical Reality.

Visionary Reality is the home of something that we could call “meaning.” Let’s look at it this way: think of something important to accomplish in your lifetime. It could be something you’d love to be known for. For example, would you like to be known for being:

 A loving family member? 

A creator of beauty? 

 A successful poet, author, or artist? 

 An effective coach, leader, or contributor to your community? 

Each example expresses a way of being that brings satisfaction and fulfillment. Here is a link to the Life’s Intentions Inventory to clarify this. An intention is a direction, aim, or purpose, and the Life’s Intentions Inventory is a direction, aim, or purpose that gives your life a sense of meaning.

I’ve referred to this Inventory in several articles in the past, so if you’ve taken it before, you might want to do it again just to refresh your memory.

To show you how it works to put something from Visionary Reality into Physical Reality, take one of the items that scored “5” for you.  Or, if time is “of the essence,” take one of the examples above.

Next, look at a small, sweet goal you’d love to achieve to put that Life’s Intention into action. Now, I know that sometimes, people get tense when I mention the word goal. They say, “Oh God, will this be another article on achieving goals?” The answer is “No, it’s not!”

The Merriam-Webster dictionary has this beautiful definition of a goal. 

“A goal is an area or object toward which play is directed in order to score.” 

We are on a playing field, after all, life’s Playing Field in which we are tasked with bringing things that have meaning and heart for us, things that live in Visionary Reality and putting them into Physical Reality. 

So before you set out to do anything in Physical Reality, you always want to discover its meaning. In this case, see how this works by selecting a small, sweet goal rather than a BIG one! Applying it to larger goals is more effortless once you know how to do this with a minor example.

Learn How to Master Meaning

A small, sweet goal might sound like:

  • I plant three new flowers in my flower bed within the next three weeks
  • I write one poem by the end of next weekend
  • I cook dinner for four friends in three weeks
  • I talk with two colleagues about the success I’m having with one coaching client within the next ten days
  • I take my children to a movie of their choice within the next three weeks 

Here’s the most important part: the minute you start taking action toward this small, sweet goal (and please make sure it is, in fact, small and sweet), you will meet up with a gateway between these two aspects of reality. There’s high turbulence at this gateway because this is where two forms of reality coincide. Think of it! It’s a spectacular event when two different kinds of energy meet. You might remember from the last article that it takes ten times more energy to begin taking action than you’d think! And it’s at this gateway that we meet up with all sorts of messages from our brain, telling us to stop what we’re doing.

I call this gateway your Point of Mastery. What does mastery look like? This is the precise point at which you turn your attention away from those internal distractions and put it on why you’re pursuing the goal. In other words, look at the meaning behind the goal. It’s the “why” I am taking action.

This, I think, is what Albert Einstein meant when he wrote:

“All means prove but a blunt instrument if they have not behind them a living spirit.”

The living spirit resides in what that goal means for you.

At the beginning of going for a goal, it will always take ten times more energy than you thought it would. Also, the conditions under which you made this promise for a goal may have shifted. And whatever changed was unpredictable.  For example, let’s say you decided to write a poem. You open your computer and discover a virus has corrupted some of your files, and you need to have a consultant come to your office to help you fix it as soon as possible. Or, maybe you want to plant a garden and discover that the flowers you love won’t grow in your climate zone. Now, I know that’s a minor issue to some, but for some people who are master gardeners, it’s a big deal.

So, conditions change in Physical Reality. They will continually change. There will never be the predictable, clear path you hope for. However, this makes it a game worth playing and a goal worth playing for!  It’s a perfect game, even though it sometimes doesn’t seem that way.

So here’s the thing: the minute you hit this Point of Mastery, you must turn to the meaning behind the goal. This is what I mean by Master the Meaning! Be aware of the meaning. Why? Because in the blurry and fury of changing conditions, there will always be the chance to turn back, to say, “Forget it.” But that’s not mastering anything, is it? No. 

When we’re talking about mastery, we’re talking about learning how to focus your brain back on what the meaning is for you. You know, countless psychological studies have shown that one aspect of resilience is the ability to return to what’s important to you, to what has meaning and heart for you. It could be bouncing back after some sort of a downturn. It could be a physical downturn, it could be a financial downturn, anything. 

So, by now, you’ve discovered at least one or two Life’s Intentions that resonate with you. In addition, you’ve seen how to put whatever is in Visionary Reality into Physical Reality. So the most significant task at the Point of Mastery is for you to master the meaning and promise yet again to set out going for your goal.

Here’s to your success with clarity, focus, ease, and grace!

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