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A Holographic View of Life

Discover the holographic view of life. Today, Dr. Maria Nemeth invites us to learn of this concept that explores the interconnectedness of all things and the role of consciousness in shaping our reality.

“To see a world in a grain of sand. And a heaven in a wildflower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. And eternity in an hour.”

William Blake

Welcome to the second newsletter of 2023! Again, I’m grateful you’ve decided to spend valuable time reading what I’ve written. I intend that you come away from this post reinvigorated with the knowledge that you are a powerful human being and live in a wonder-filled universe.

The quote from William Blake reflects a particular spiritual outlook on life that teachers worldwide share. They quote this poem because It so beautifully reflects that everything is interconnected, that the smallest aspects of life contain information about the universe and the macro aspects of life. 

This week we explore a scientific approach that reflects this spiritual truth. It’s called the holographic view of life. We will see what a holographic perspective can give us that will help us live with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. 

Scientists agree that we live in a universe made of energy and surrounded by energy. Each of us shares this universal energy. No compartment of life is shut off from it.  Therefore,  from this energy paradigm, it is possible that the seemingly insignificant parts of our life reflect the universe’s properties

Consider what you’ve just read. Every portion of the universe contains elements of the whole. Physicist David Bohm called this viewpoint the holographic universe. He suggested the possibility that our individual lives are holographic. In other words, we don’t have personal, professional, or spiritual lives. We have life, and we can tell how our life is going by looking at how we are acting right now! How I brush my teeth, exercise, write this article,  and pay my credit card each month reflects how my whole life is going!

We have had lots of experience looking at holograms. Remember the first time you saw Princess Leia pleading: “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi! You’re my only hope!” I remember being astounded by the three-dimensional image. Now, holographic images are fairly common.

Here’s what’s unique about holograms:

  1. Take a holographic picture of a tree (any image will do).
  2. You now have a holographic “plate” with whorls of information that don’t look like that tree. These are called interference patterns. They look like ripples on a pond.
  3. Now, shine a laser through that plate, and you will see a three-dimensional, holographic image of that tree! 
  4. With smaller pieces of the holographic plate, the laser will still produce that image, although it will get successively blurry because smaller pieces cannot hold as much information as large pieces.

Let’s look further at our holographic lives. We all use six forms of energy to accomplish our goals and dreams. They are money, time, physical vitality, creativity, enjoyment, and relationship. If our lives are holographic, then how you are with money gives you information about how you are with your time, physical vitality, creativity, enjoyment, and relationships. 

Are you willing to consider the possibility that this is true about your life? That how you do one aspect of your life immediately affects your entire life? This is a new way to contemplate how to have personal breakthroughs. There’s no need to make enormous promises for change. Besides, we rarely accomplish huge promises. We know this from how New Year’s resolutions melt away after about 90 days like chips of ice in hot sunlight. Instead, it might be small promises taken over a period of time that lead to these holographic shifts.

Are you willing to try an experiment demonstrating what we’ve been looking at? If you are, I have a way for you to experience a shift in your entire life right now and during the many “right nows” that occur all the time.

     a.  Pick one form of energy in which you wish to have a breakthrough: your money, time, physical vitality, creativity, enjoyment, or relationship.

     b.  Pick one small action that you’ve been delaying taking, even though you know it will produce a release of tension when you do. It could be clearing away something incomplete for you, such as writing a card to a friend who’s currently ill, writing one (only one!) page of a book you have begun, meditating for 15 minutes, or________ (you fill in the blank).

     c.  Spend 3 minutes writing down how you felt when you accomplished the small task.

     d.  For the next 48 hours, see if you can discover something else in your life that has cleared away, even just a little, because you accomplished that single task.

You should repeat ‘a’ through ‘c’ for one week to experience the true power of what you’re doing. That’s when you’ll undoubtedly encounter a shift in other areas of your life.

These shifts take place all the time. It is necessary, however, to look for them. They can be so subtle that we race through our lives, barely noticing where our actions affect our entire life at the moment we take them. 

Have a holographically wonderful day!

Until next time,

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