Millionaire Moves and Mindsets

Millionaire Moves and Mindsets

Dr. Maria Nemeth’s Speaks at NAWBO California’s Propel Your Business Conference 2023

At the 2023 Propel Your Business Conference organized by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) in California, attendees had the chance to hear from a lineup of distinguished speakers. Among them was our very own Dr. Maria Nemeth, the Founder of the Academy for Coaching Excellence and a bestselling author known for her transformative works like “The Energy of Money” and “Mastering Life’s Energies.”

NAWBO, a pioneering organization focused on empowering women entrepreneurs, arranges this annual conference to provide crucial resources, networking opportunities, and practical tools to stimulate business expansion and success. Over the years, NAWBO has played a pivotal role in enabling women to shatter glass ceilings and actualize their entrepreneurial dreams.

The “Millionaire Moves and Mindsets” session of the NAWBO-CA conference was particularly anticipated by the attendees, not least because of Dr. Nemeth’s participation. This engaging discussion was moderated by Amber Wallace from Dowitcher Designs, and the panel, in addition to Dr. Nemeth, included Lavada English of Bright Places and Anne Staines of Sagent.

Dr. Nemeth, acclaimed for her groundbreaking work in the field of entrepreneur coaching and leadership development, shared her profound insights on a range of issues impacting women entrepreneurs. One significant topic she explored was the concept of ‘Negativity Bias.’ She explained how this internal bias, an inclination towards focusing more on adverse experiences than positive ones, can often become an impediment in personal and professional growth.

Dr. Nemeth delved into the intricacies of how this ‘Negativity Bias’ amplifies as we venture beyond our comfort zones, either in business pursuits or personal endeavors. She emphasized the need for effectively managing this bias to unleash our true potential.

Expounding on her theory, Dr. Nemeth shared that the difference between financially successful people and others isn’t based on their inherent intelligence or creativity. Instead, it lies in their ability to control their fears and not let their negative self-talk limit their progress.

Dr. Nemeth’s thought-provoking insights from the 2023 NAWBO California’s Propel Your Business Conference have been an invaluable contribution to the discourse surrounding women’s entrepreneurship. Her message to the attendees was clear: embrace your fears, challenge your negative self-talk, and stride confidently toward your entrepreneurial aspirations. Through her words, she emboldened women entrepreneurs to continue their journey with perseverance, determination, and unwavering courage.

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