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Create a Money Affirmation that Works, Part Two

As promised, here is the second article about creating a powerful money affirmation. This affirmation will put you on the path to being financially successful. In Part One, we examined what money represents and how its form has shifted over the centuries. We saw that money is a form of energy we can learn to focus on what’s essential, or waste because we’re not using it to energize our goals and dreams.

Finally, in Part One, we saw a unique view of being financially successful. Read Part One and re-acquaint yourself more fully with how we define financial success. It’s the basis of the work you’ll be doing in this article. Here’s a summary of what we looked at.

Being Financially successful is doing what you said you would do, consistently, with money, with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.


  •  Clarity means being clear about what’s important to you.
  •  Focus means learning to focus on what’s essential in your life.
  •  Ease is about learning to take small, sweet steps toward your goal or dream.
  • Grace means learning how to see the blessings that are already around you through the practice of gratitude.

In this article,  I’ll show you how to make a money affirmation that is guaranteed to have you be financially successful the moment you create, focus, and take action according to this definition.  If this seems confusing, stick with it, and I promise everything will become apparent to you in a moment. 

How to Create a Powerful Affirmation

First, let’s clarify the definition of “to affirm. To affirm means to declare, state as a fact, or assert that something is true. We aren’t hoping or wishing that it’s true. We’re not trying to make it the truth by repeating it to ourselves to convince our brains that what we say is true. You know precisely what I mean, don’t you? 

Because what we’re declaring is, in fact, true, there’s no doubt or second-guessing ourselves when we create an affirmation. In other words, an affirmation is like standing on solid ground. You don’t hear any inner voice that negates what you’re saying.

Let’s look at creating an affirmation with no “inner push-back” or a voice that tells you it isn’t true. First, we’ll look at what happens when trying to prove that the affirmation is true. 

Say the following out loud to yourself:  

                                 “I am financially successful.”

What happens? If you’re like most people, you’ll hear something like:

                                  “No, you’re not.”

                                  “Not yet.”

                                  “ It isn’t happening.”

Or variations on this theme, yes?  Do you experience that “pushback?” That’s because you’re not telling the truth (yet). To make this the truth, we must add something. That “something” is being willing.


Being willing is the most important, powerful attribute you possess. You can be willing to do something you don’t want to do. You can be willing to do something you’re afraid to do. You can be willing to do something you don’t think you know how to do. Are you getting the picture?

Being willing lives in a different domain than our usual and customary worries, doubts, attitudes, states of mind, or points of view. When you’re willing to do, accept, or accomplish something, you call upon the inner power to say “Yes,” no matter how you think or feel! It reminds me of the following quote that I’ve used in other articles:

“For everything that has been, I say, “Thank you,” and for all that is yet to be, I say, “Yes!”                              

           Dag Hammarskjöld

           Second Secretary General of the UN.

When you are willing to do something, you are saying “Yes” in a powerful way. Let’s show you what I mean. First, are you willing to try out a short demonstration of being willing?

Ok! Repeat the words I asked you earlier to say out loud.                          

                            “I am financially successful.”

Once again, tell the truth. What is your brain saying back to you? Do you hear any doubts? Any “pushback” from your brain? Any sense of unease?

Next, add “I am willing” to the affirmation.  Say:

                    “ I am willing to be financially successful.”

You will see no internal opposition when you say those words.  This is because you are declaring the truth.  That is, you are willing to be financially successful, aren’t you?

Let’s look next at how to “activate” this affirmation.  Print the phrase “I am willing to be financially successful” on a 3X5 card (or any card large enough to be read).  Put this card where you can see it daily for at least 30 days.

During these 30 days, every time you need to decide something related to finances, ask yourself:

“What would someone willing to be financially successful do next?”

Each time you do this, you’re demonstrating financial success. Here’s a list of possible actions people who have been willing to be financially successful have done:

  • Look at the You Need a Budget website and see if it’s a good idea to try it out.
  • Begin a savings account for vacations, travel, and fun activities.
  • See if this is an excellent time to talk with some financial advisors to see which might be the best for you.
  • Begin a savings account for charitable donations to contribute your energy of money toward the success of whomever or whatever you choose.

Remember, people who have a lot of the energy of money aren’t necessarily financially successful! They may worry about it, wonder if people are friendly with them because they have lots of money, or worry that someone will take it away.

On the other hand, people with less of the energy of money may be financially successful because they are using it to live the life they love, including taking vacations, preparing for the future, spending time with those they love, and using money to enhance the quality of other people’s lives.

Have fun with your powerful affirmation. If you wish to create more powerful affirmations, consider joining our Mastering Your Life course at the Academy for Coaching Excellence! If you appreciate what you’re learning here, you will love what happens in this course. And if you have already taken the course, I invite you to browse our website at Academy for Coaching Excellence and see how else we might support you!

Until next time,

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