Best Woman Speaker for Conferences

Looking for the Best Woman Speaker for Conferences? – Here’s a List of 10.

Looking for the best woman speaker for conferences should not be a challenge. However, there are a couple of things you should bear in mind when hunting for the perfect speaker for your event. First, you have to define the objectives of your conference. Second, create a list of potential speakers, study their portfolios, and know their subject matter expertise. Finally, choose who you think is the perfect fit for your purpose.

The immense power of words coming from the best women speakers for conferences of today should cause people to be the greatest version of themselves. Whether it is for a group of salespersons, a convention of parents and educators, an association of business owners, or just plain individuals who need a little push to change and grow, a powerful speaker can influence positive change. In no particular order, here is my list of the best women speakers for conferences, highlighting their subject matter expertise.

1. Dr. Maria Nemeth

Leadership Excellence, Personal or Professional Development, and Financial Empowerment

best woman speaker for conferences

Maria Nemeth, PhD, MCC is the founder of the Academy for Coaching Excellence. She provides simple yet powerful tools for developing excellence in oneself, whether it is on a personal or professional level. She also empowers individuals to make excellent financial decisions and ultimately achieve their financial goals.

Dr. Maria Nemeth’s work has been featured in The Oprah Winfrey Show. She is the author of two highly-acclaimed books: The Energy of Money and its follow-up, Mastering Life’s Energies. These books provide inputs on success principles that people in all walks of life can immediately practice.

Maria can be the best woman speaker for conferences that you are looking for if your goal is to achieve leadership excellence, personal or professional development, and financial empowerment.

2. Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana

Health and Wellness, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Stress Management

Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana

Rev. Dr. Louise-Diana is the creator of Inner Fitness, a personal growth concept that has helped people learn to control stress, achieve balance, harmony, and peace of mind; and in the long run transform their lives. She is a yoga therapist, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a wellness consultant and life coach, and an ordained Science of Mind minister.

3. Charise Worthy

Domestic Abuse, Emotional Healing, Life Purpose

founder of the Golden Life Living

The founder of Golden Life Living, Charise Worthy is on a mission to help others use the power within themselves to make their lives golden. She shares her own personal story of surviving domestic violence, and how such survival is a matter of choosing better over bitter. She imparts the value of pursuing one’s passion, self-discovery, and knowing one’s purpose.

Charise Worthy is the author of the book called Protect Your Crown: 5 Methods to P-U-R-G-E Your Mind, which highlights the importance of clearing your head off matters that hinder you from functioning at your supreme level.

4. Sophie Zadeh

Body Language, Body Empowerment, Vocal Power

Sophie Zadeh

Sophie Zadeh is a non-verbal communication specialist who empowers people to take advantage of their voice, facial expressions, and body language in order to convey messages and make connections in the most effective way possible.

Besides working with leaders in government, Sophie Zadeh has coached and trained public speakers and TEDx presenters to deliver remarkable impactful messages.

Sophie Zadeh’s animated lesson, “Are There Universal Expressions of Emotion?”, which she has created for TED-Ed, is one of her most significant works. She has written for or her work featured in publications, such as Australian Security Magazine, NW Magazine, and Yahoo News, to name a few.

5. Mel Robbins

Habits, Change, and Motivation

Mel Robbins

Times Bestselling author of The High 5 Habit, Mel Robbins is one of the highly sought-after motivational speakers by leading brands worldwide. Her goal is to inspire her audience to create positive changes in their lives using science-backed tools that she has discovered and applied to herself. She presents one of those tools in her #1 selling self-published audiobook of all time, The 5 Second Rule, which provides the motivation and helps develop the courage you need to change your life.

6. Kat Mahoney

Gamification, Self-Help, Motherhood, and Anxiety

Kat Mahoney

Using games, technology, parenting, traveling, and mindfulness, Kat Mahoney’s mission is to motivate and inspire her audience to create a balance between work and personal life. Her 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience in video games and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) education, combined with her background as a military spouse, has become the backbone of the life-changing methods she presents.

7. Cheldin Rumer

Personal Branding, Marketing, Social Media, and Sales

Cheldin Rumer

The creator of the online marketing course and program, Scream Your Dream, and seasoned marketing executive, Cheldin Rumer shows how representatives and owners can communicate about their products and services with pride and enthusiasm. She wants to inspire women entrepreneurs to be bold enough to “scream their dream” — to turn their dreams into reality.

8. Gabrielle Bernstein

Spirituality and Manifestation

Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabrielle Bernstein is a well-known spiritual junkie and author of New York Times bestselling books on spirituality, personal growth and radical life change. She believes that developing your spirituality can help you find your life’s true purpose. She speaks of how to effectively and effortlessly manifest dreams and provides guided meditations to her audience.

9. Perrine Farque

Diversity and Inclusion

Perrine Farque

Perrine Farque champions diversity and inclusion in the workplace, inspiring personnel of various organizations to seek and create work environment that does not discriminate, allows for fruitful engagements and effective collaborations, and encourages people retention, growth, and innovation. She appears on TEDx, with her talk entitled “Inclusion is the Key to Success”.

10. Robyn Benincasa

Team Building, Leadership, and Extreme Performance

Robyn Benincasa

Being an endurance and adventure racer and a firefighter, Robyn Benincasa has every right to speak of commitment, winning and “reaching the finish line”. She shares proven effective strategies for boosting team performance and developing ideal work culture — the kind that permits collaboration and leadership to flourish. She has been named as one of the Top 10 Female Speakers by Harvard Business Review.

On Searching for the Best Woman Speaker for Conferences

Who’s the best woman speaker for conferences in your opinion?

Again, when looking for the perfect female keynote speaker for your events, it is important that we know their subject matter expertise. This is to ensure that they cater to your purpose. You can learn more about these 10 best women speakers for conferences and book them from their respective websites or agencies.

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