A Lesson On Luminosity with Maria Nemeth

Learn how to cultivate luminosity and spread positivity in your life with this blog post’s lesson from Dr. Maria Nemeth. Find the link to the full article below. 

How does one live life luminously? Author, speaker, and coach Maria Nemeth discusses the difference between happiness and becoming truly luminous: a state of being. Can our hearts’ callings lead us to find true purpose and value? Listen and discover how transformational one’s own inner standards of integrity can be for finding meaning in life.


  • Happiness is an emotion, but Luminosity is a state of being.
  • Let your callings lead you–even if the road is tough– because it will give you a true sense of your purpose.
  • How to embrace who you are, and use it to drive your life.
  • What is the concept of “trouble at the border” between our vision reality and physical reality
  • The value of our inner standards of integrity and how to identify them.
  • How ontological leadership transcends gender lines.
  • How women lead differently

Read the full article.

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